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Total Media Usage Reports — New

An exciting new product that provides both media popularity and full carriage details based upon results from the Mediastats random panel of media users (MSPS). The report captures and analyzes all media sources, spanning television, radio, internet (including Wi-Fi), print, rented media, and device-to-device, among many others. Subsets of data will be made available to Mediastats clients at no charge for examination. Email for details on participation.

Pay TV and Specialty Channel Carriage Reports

Carriage and penetration information for every Specialty and Pay TV channel offered in Canada, on all BDU's including cable, wireless cable, telephone company and satellite. For a free test login and sample data, contact us at

On-line Cable, Wireless Cable, Telephone Company and Satellite Guide

The Mediastats on-line guide offers a “quick look-up” of contact information, areas serviced and channels offered for key cable, wireless cable, telephone company and satellite “cable offerings” in Canada and in other key international markets. For a free test login and sample data, contact us at

BDU (cable, wireless cable, telephone company, satellite) channel line-ups, EPG/IPG service

Information specially tailored to be a data source for devices that rely on up-to-date program line-ups and television listings. Coverage is available for Canada, the U.S.A., and many international markets. For more details and sample data, contact us at

Over-the-air Broadcast Coverage, EPG/IPG service

This product is tailored to offer television listings associated with over-the-air TV coverage. Full digital coverage is available for Canada, the United States and key international markets. Analogue coverage is also available where applicable. For more details and sample data, contact us at

BDU (cable, wireless cable, telephone company, satellite) channel line-ups, RESEARCH service

Must-have information for industry research, license applications, copyright applications and comparative analysis, this product offers detailed data on each BDU. Coverage is extensive and is available for Canada and many international markets. Contact us at

Over-the-air Broadcast Coverage for MapInfo, RESEARCH service

A GIS application with data designed for MapInfo, but usable in other GIS applications. Includes various contours (A, B, buffered, etc.) for both analogue and digital television signals, in Canada, the United States (where applicable), Mexico, Brazil, the UK and parts of Europe. Minor channels are also available. Contours can be used in conjunction with other data sets including Census data, cable carriage data, street and landmark data. For samples and more information, contact us at

Cable Maps for MapInfo

GIS maps that are specially formatted to work in MapInfo, but are usable in other GIS applications. They are a powerful resource for aggregating and analyzing data on the cable industry. They can also be used in conjunction with Census data, broadcast contours and a wealth of other information. For more information and sample maps, contact as us

Simulcast/Syndex data, market-by-market, for Broadcasters and BDUs

A data stream that offers comparative programming listings between markets, showing which programs have the priorities in which television markets based on channel priorities. Frequently used for automatic programming of cable switchers, and also for analyzing television programming priorities. For details contact us at

Comparative Market-by-Market Television Programming Analyzer

Indispensible data that allows the selection of specific television channel listings and comparisons of the relative value of the signals based on criteria such as the frequency of airings of movies, sporting events and other features. For information email

Television Listings

Television listings offer a wealth of information about all of the programs aired on a particular station within a week. Available material includes the program title in long and short formats, actors, episode information, and a wealth of other data attributes. This powerful information can be used on its own as an analytical tool for such things as copyright assignment, channel analysis and ratings applications. The data can also be used in conjunction with our cable and over-the-air broadcast line-ups to program guides and hand-held devices. Contact us at for more details.

Outsourcing, data production, including data gathering (surveying, compilation), inputting, rationalization, reporting, outputs

Mediastats specializes in data gathering, compilation and analysis. We provide information services to some of Canada and the United State's largest media and telecom companies, who have trusted us with their 24/7/365 data requirements for decades. Our rates are competitive, our quality and reliability are well-known. Contact us at for a custom no-obligation quote.

CRTC/FCC license applications including competitive analysis, consumer, and business-to-business research, census data analysis, contour analysis

Mediastats is highly experienced as a provider of data and information for license applications and hearings. We offer a full range of research services to help clients prepare their applications, including original research. Because we have our own proprietary data products, and our own research panel, we can also relate the results of our primary research to industry data standards. Contact us at for more information.

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